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Day Ten - Tournament Wrap-up and Final Round!

Hi everyone! Welcome to the final day of the Lexington Debate Institute. Our main goal today was to finish the preliminary rounds of the camp tournament and hold the final debate!

Today morning was smooth sailing. Having already had experience debating four rounds yesterday, students sailed through the last two preliminary rounds today, wrapping it up to a total of six debates. Every round today was extremely close - since students were matched up by similar record, teams of equal experience were pitted against one another which made each and every debate come down to very specific arguments!

After finishing up the preliminary rounds, the students reconvened for a final lunch of pizza and ice cream. We took camp photos and said our goodbyes, before gathering in the Science Lecture hall to watch and flow the final debate!

The final debate was held between the top debaters from the younger lab and the older lab. All the lab leaders adjudicated the final round, and the students as a collective were invited to vote as well, with their vote counting equal to those of the judges. After a nail-biting final set of speeches, the upper lab emerged victorious!

We wish everyone the best, if you are continuing debate at a high school, coming back for another summer, or even going on to pursue other activities. We hope everyone enjoyed their two weeks here with us and took something away from the camp, whether it be debate-related skills or even a change in how you think. We are grateful for having the privilege of teaching all our students, and that you chose to spend two weeks of your summer with us!

Have a great summer, and we hope to see some familiar faces back next year! :)

The final debate; the battle of the labs!

Thank you for a great session of Lexington Debate Institute!

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