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From Lumos Debate to Capitol Debate to the Harvard Debate Summer Workshops, there are plenty of options for where to send your child for the summer. Like Harvard’s Workshop, Lexington Debate is focused on quality of instruction while maintaining non-profit status, ensuring that not only will your child learn at an advanced level, but your money will be going to a good cause.

The Lexington Debate Institute was founded by the Backers of Lexington Debate (BOLD) to spread the skills of debate to 6th-9th grade students in the Greater Boston area. The Backers of Lexington Debate support the Lexington Debate Team, which is the only high school program in the country to have ever won the Tournament of Champions in all three major divisions: Lincoln Douglas, Policy and Public Forum. Lexington Debate has also won the Sweepstakes Award at our State Championship for the last 45 years. We are proud to hold these titles, and strive to continue this legacy of excellence in our summer program.

The Institute places a premium focus on in-depth skill development in the three realms of argument structure, research skills, and presentation. Advancement is guaranteed across all three skills, with a special emphasis on one-on-one instruction for each skill to ensure you leave satisfied with your progress.

Whether your child wishes to debate in high school, perform in theatrical productions, delve into independent research, or simply improve their time management skills, our program offers the keys to an activity that will propel them to success in whatever field they pursue. Lexington debaters have gone on to attain degrees from every major top-tier university, prosper at graduate institutions across an array of disciplines, and commit to making the world a better place.

We are proud to maintain a strong partnership with the Harvard Debate Council Summer Workshops, the summer program run by the Harvard Debate Council. We wholeheartedly recommend the program for students in high school as a means to hone their skills in Public Forum, Congressional Debate, and the newly created Policy Debate program. The Harvard Debate Council is the debating arm of Harvard University, competing in the intercollegiate NDT-CEDA circuit system. Founded in 1892, the Harvard Debate Council is one of the oldest debate programs in the country, with a storied history of success. For the last two years in a row, Harvard has fielded the most competitive partnership in college policy debate. Read more here.

All net proceeds from the Lexington Debate Institute go to benefit and support the Lexington Debate Team.

To ensure a premium student-to-faculty ratio, our 2021 programming will be capped. Sign up soon to claim a spot!

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