• Bill Wu

Day Five - Demo Debate and Field Day!

Hi everyone! Welcome back for day five of Lexington Debate Institute. We had two main things on our agenda today, starting off with the demonstration debate!

Four of Lexington's most acclaimed debaters, two selected from each lab, were selected to debate whether or not the Electoral College ought to be replaced in favor of a Direct National Popular Vote. Evan and Michelle defended the resolution, while Adam and Lara negated. Each student flowed, or took notes on the arguments made in the round - which was important, because after the forty-five minutes of intense deliberation concluded, each student was to make a decision as to who they thought won the debate. This strengthened not only their note-taking skills, but also their evaluation and logical reasoning.

After pizza and ice cream for lunch, and a break where several videos made to commemorate the memories made at camp were filmed, students finally took a break for Field Day! After four days of intense learning and argumentation, many were ready to unwind as the week came to a close. A variety of activities were available, including lab versus lab kickball, badminton, ultimate frisbee, and capture the flag. The first week of Lexington Debate Institute culminated in an epic close as students gathered for the final event, an all-out water balloon battle royale! As Friday came to a close, many students (and instructors!) left with soaked shirts and brains brimming with knowledge.

Students staying for only one week, we'll miss you all, and we hope you had fun! Students staying for two weeks, get ready to put on your thinking caps as we begin preparation for the final tournament and another week of learning.

Have a great summer everyone, and we'll see you back on Monday for week two!


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