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Field Day and Demo Debate

And, with that, the first week has come to a close. The growth that we have seen in each camper is truly amazing and we can't wait to see what next week holds in store for us. For those of us who are leaving, we wanted to thank you for spending this week with us and we hope you were able to learn the skills of debate, while having as much fun as we did. For those who are staying, we are excited to see what more you can learn from us and are looking forward to seeing you after the weekend!

We started the day off with a demo debate! We had Adam and Avery debating against Ollie and Erica, on the standardized testing topic, while campers flowed the round. After this intense and exciting debate round, featuring some of Lexington's best debaters, campers gave comments to both sides. They talked about what they thought went well during the round, as well as what they thought each debater could improve upon.

After the round, we broke into labs for a bit, where campers played a few fun games while we waited for lunch.

For lunch, we provided pizza to the campers and we had ice cream cups for desert. After eating, we all headed back inside for a quick water/bathroom break, before heading to the field.

Field day started off with a bang, as we engaged in a game of kickball. The game came down to the wire, as the score was 10-9 before the final inning. The blue team (led by Ollie, Avery, and I) was able to pull through, narrowly winning with a 14-13 victory! Our next event was the sponge bucket challenge, where students had to transfer water out of one bucket into another bucket using only a sponge! Red team (led by Adam, Erica, and Simran) pulled off the victory here, having more water in their bucket when the time expired. Third was capture the flag, where red team pulled off a very quick victory, securing blue team's flag within about 5 minutes. The final competition was the water balloon toss, where again blue team was victorious. Finally, we had our water balloon fight, in which the counselors did not even stand a chance.

Sometime this weekend, we will be sending all parents emails with commends on how your child has been doing at camp, so keep an eye out for those in your inbox!

Thank you to everyone for a wonderful first week! It was a pleasure getting to know all of you and we can't wait for Monday!


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