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Researching the Topic and Partnerships!

As we near closer to the end of the week, we are proud and amazed with the strong, consistent work that the campers deliver. Just a quick reminder that tomorrow will be field day and the kids will be spending a lot of the afternoon outside. We will have ice cream and pizza available, so they won't need to bring their own lunch, unless they want to.

Today, we focused more on doing research for the camp topic, regarding standardized testing. Children were tasked with finding more evidence today and "cutting cards" from those pieces of evidence. Partnerships for the camp tournament were announced in the morning, so campers were able to work with their partners and help each other find evidence.

For lunch, we went back into the field house, which has been a cool place to relax as we all eat our food.

After lunch, we switched gears to talk more about Public Forum, the style of debate that we are training the campers in. We went over the basics of public forum debate, such as speech times and different rules and there will be a demo debate, featuring our instructors and lab assistants tomorrow that will showcase everything that we taught today!

We look forward to seeing them tomorrow and we hope that they are ready for some fun in the sun!

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