• Peter Lawrence

Day Eight - Gas, Research, and Practice

Today was a little more exciting than we anticipated it to be. Mid-morning, we discovered a smell in the building, and found out there was a gas leak on Worthen we could smell from inside. By evacuating to the Quad area, we were all safe, and had firefighters sweep the rooms to ensure they were hospitable for the rest of the day. This gave us a little longer of a break to spend outside and de-stressing before the tournament begins tomorrow.

After lunch, I shared with everyone the compiled file of research. Students are welcome to research additional information to include in their speeches, but this file provides everyone with basic evidence for use over the next two days.

Every lab had the chance to organize practice debates in the afternoon. This was instrumental to make sure students were comfortable with the speaking times and structure we will be using for the tournament. We can't wait to see how they debate tomorrow and Friday!

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