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Day Five - Demo Debate and Field Day

Well, here we are, the end of our first week at the Lexington Debate Institute! We could not be more happy with the group of kids we have in the program: inquisitive, energetic, and driven, with a knack for argumentation and a love for debate. For those leaving the program, thank you for spending a part of your summer with us, and we hope you were able to both learn the skills of debate and enjoy your time while here. For those staying through the end of both weeks, we're excited to see you again on Monday, and wish you the best for fun and relaxing weekends!

We began today with a demonstration debate between lab instructors and assistants. Ruth Zheng and Sabrina Zhang debated on the pro/affirmative side against Adam Harrington and Patty Zhang on the con/negative. All four of these staff members have qualified to and debated at national championship tournaments: Ruth at the NCFL (5th place), NSDA, and TOC, Sabrina at the NDCA and TOC, Adam at the NDCA (3rd place), and Patty at the NSDA - and she's still a junior! They used the Middle East resolution, so not only were students able to see a strong debate, but a strong debate specifically focused on the arguments they'll be researching and constructing themselves for the camp tournament. We had some amusing commentary from Zahin, and made sure to debrief after the debate to explain the arguments. After debriefing, we spent some time on research before lunch.

During lunch, students had the opportunity to ask instructors and lab assistants questions about middle school, high school, debate, our specific debate team, and our lives outside of debate (with certain caveats). Once students ran out of questions, we served four flavors of ice cream, two of which I made myself - though the store-bought tubs ran out first, I'd like to think mine were the preferred choices.

With newfound energy, we began field day. Students synchronized colors with their teammates for lab pride. We had four official events, with a few fun games thrown in between. First was a relay race, pictured below. Students had to run, hop, and crab walk in loops around the diamond. The green team (Spicy Kumquats) took first place. Second came the sponge bucket challenge, where students had to transfer water from one bucket to another only using a sponge. The blue team (Team Voldemort) won that challenge. Third was a standard three-way capture the flag event, where the red team (Ham) secured victory. The fourth and final challenge was a water balloon toss, where they had to toss water balloons back and forth in a pair the longest distance. The blue team finished first, and won the overall prize. We also played two games with instructors included, the second being a water balloon fight that we ensure you we lost handily. Photographic evidence is available upon request.

We will be sending you all individual emails sometime this weekend with more specific comments and feedback for your children. We have also been using google documents to take notes on specific activities from day to day and have shared those with students; feel free to ask your child to take a look or be added to that document. If there is any difficulty there, let us know and we will be happy to add you ourselves.

Again, thank you for sending your children to the Institute; we are having a great time and hope they are as well! If there are any concerns or questions, please as always reach out to me at

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