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The Tournament

As our weeks together come to a close, we cannot think of a better way to end camp than with the camp tournament. We are so proud of the campers and it is hard to believe that many of them only have two weeks worth of experience in debate. It is amazing to see how much they have improved and grown!

Our final debate round will be tomorrow at 2pm in the science building and we invite all parents to come and attend. After the final round, we will be holding an award ceremony, followed by a time when parents and campers can come talk to the instructors. We will also be sending out evaluation forms so that we can get feedback from parents and campers. We would love to hear both positive feedback and constructive criticism so that we can provide students with the best experience possible at debate camp! If you had a particularly enjoyable experience and would like to offer a written or in-person testimonial, we can set that up tomorrow, at the end of the day.

Furthermore, tomorrow we will have deserts for the campers during lunchtime, but we will not be providing lunch, so students ought to bring their own lunches from home.

We look forward to seeing everyone tomorrow!

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