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The Lexington Debate Institute's curriculum is multifaceted, derived from the Lexington Debate Team's philosophy and enhanced with the experience of our staff, who have attended and worked at numerous summer programs for high school debaters, from the Harvard Debate Council Summer Workshops to the Dartmouth Debate Institute. Extensive conversations with directors of both prestigious programs have informed our summer curriculum. We take suggestions from attendees seriously and have made changes to our curriculum from last year after surveying students to ensure an even better experience for your children this summer. Come see how the most decorated high school debate program in New England learns, competes, and wins.

Authentic Commitment to Education.

The Lexington Debate Institute is unique in that we are the only non-profit debate program for middle schoolers in the Greater Boston area. Our identity as non-profit is important and something we are proud of; it means that we put a premium focus on your child's education. We want to provide your children with a rewarding experience, and that is our mission, not just an opportunity to make a profit. Proceeds go to support the Lexington Debate Team through Backers of Lexington Debate, Inc., a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. We are thankful to be housed by Lexington High School and appreciative of their support of our program and the high school's debate team.

Qualified Instructors at an Affordable Rate.

Though our program does serve as a fundraiser for the Lexington High School debate team, we are staunch in our belief that debate holds value for all students, and we are committed to spreading the skills of debate to those interested, regardless of a student's financial background. To that end, we are piloting a financial assistance program for the 2018 session. A number of students on free/reduced lunch will receive a reduced rate for the summer program. If you are interested and qualify, make sure to mark that on the registration form. We understand that our regular price may seem hefty to some. Our program is priced competitively with comparable programs in the region and across the country. Proceeds go to support the Lexington Debate Team for travel and competition.

A Chance to Test the Waters.

Debate is an exciting activity, but parents and children alike often don't know much about it before they begin high school. Whether in Lexington or other towns in the Greater Boston area, this presents a difficulty, as one may justifiably be hesitant to fully commit to an activity in high school without learning about its ups and downs first. Our program offers an opportunity to test the waters of debate over the summer, without having to commit to debate as a course or after-school activity that trades off with other electives or extra-curriculars. To this end, we are excited to announce our one week option for this summer. We understand how valuable your summer is, and signing up your child for one week is a great way to gently introduce them to the basics of debate. Bonus: if space allows and your child is having fun, we may be able to let them stay for a second week (payment will adjust to the two week rate at the time of registration).

Extended Curriculum for Advanced Students.

Our program began with the aim to bring the skills of debate to middle school students in the Greater Boston area. We prided ourselves on our integrity and our educational approach, with a strong commitment to in-depth instruction and a core belief that all students are capable of learning the mechanisms of debate. Once the Institute began to get underway last year, we realized pretty quickly that some students surpassed even those expectations. We reshuffled our curriculum and challenged these students with an intensity hard to find at a two week program. This year, we are formalizing an advanced curriculum for students with experience in debate. If you attended the Lexington Debate Institute or another debate program last year, you are welcome to sign up for our extended curriculum, with a greater focus on research, complex argumentation, and even more practice debates.

Marked Improvement at an Exciting Pace.

We only have two weeks to spend with your children, so we've packed the days with engaging discussions, skill-building exercises, and a plethora of practice debates and speaking activities. We have classes moving at different paces, but students across the board reported significant improvement in skills last year. View some of the data collected below.





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