• Peter Lawrence

Day Three - Climate Change and The First Debate

Today, we began the morning with a discussion of climate change. We talked about its causes and effects from multiple perspectives, observing changes in sea level rise, growing seasons, and ocean acidification. We went over reasons why parts of it are anthropogenic (human-caused), and parts of it are not (peat bogs, volcanic ash, etc.). We discussed some negative effects of climate change, from biodiversity collapse to resource wars, and some potential positive effects, such as increases in agricultural output.

After this discussion, we segued into a conversation about evidence comparison and quality. Looking at an article or study's author, its publication, its date, its cited sources, and whether or not it's been peer reviewed are all good ways to check the quality of a piece of evidence. Then, we took a break for lunch.

After lunch, we talked more in-depth about the format for Public Forum, one of the three main debate events. Students were placed into partnerships, and prepared to have a debate on the climate change topic. Specifically, the affirmative side argued in favor of a cap-and-trade system in the United States, and the negative side challenged its ability to prevent warming, warned it could endanger the economy, and debated the scientific facts behind climate change. We were so proud to see the students engage in full-length Public Forum debates on the third day of camp, and to use the skills they've been learning over the past 72 hours! Tomorrow, we will start discussing the main topic for our debates in the next few days and week to follow. We're looking forward to seeing your children tomorrow!


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